Information Systems 


It's an absolute necessity in meeting our customer demands for on-time delivery at the right location, at competitive rates. While your load is in transit, we can tell you precisely where your shipment is. Our drivers can tell us exactly how they are doing without stopping their truck. Fewer stops mean more on-time deliveries. 

  • Automatic vehicle tracking pinpoints where your shipment is, anytime. 
  • System alerts us to potential problems to avoid delays. 
  • Driver satisfaction goes up, so we attract and retain experienced drivers.   
  • Real-time two-way data communications. 
  • Drivers can report in without leaving or stopping their trucks. 
  • Computer map shows actual travel route of your shipment. 
  • On-time delivery reports maximize our performance for you. 
  • Total system flexibility lets us customize communication to each customer's needs.  

The bottom line is unequaled customer service at rates that stay competitive. If our performance is unequaled and our rates are competitive, why would you trust your shipment to anyone else? E-mail or call today.