Rules and Accessorial Charges

Effective January 2006


Stop Charges

1st pickup and last drop will be considered free with any additional stops to be charged as follows:

1.      First stop at $100

2.      Second stop at $175

3.      Third stop at $250

4.      All additional stops at $325 each

All mileage from 1st pickup to the last drop will be billed at published rate. If no rates are published $1.50/ mile will apply.



1.       Detention will start after 2 hours upon - on time arrival of carrier within agreed dispatch time frame

2.       Charges will be $50.00 per hour or fraction thereof, broken into 15 minute increments after expiration of free time. Layover charges will apply on time after 9 hours.



Shipments that require the consignee and/or destination of the shipment to be changed to effect delivery after the shipment is in transit will be subject to the following charges:

a.         $125 additional charge per reconsignment plus all applicable mileage and stop charges.  

b.         Applicable mileage charges include the greater of: $1.35 per mile from the origin point to the final destination via the point of reconsignment or the published rate per mile from the origin point to the final destination via the point of reconsignment. 

c.         Stop charges will apply if the shipment arrives at the original consignee prior to notification.


Instructions must be confirmed in writing.



When a shipment is tendered for delivery and through no fault of the carrier such delivery cannot be accomplished, a charge of $1.50 per mile, subject to a minimum additional charge of $150 plus applicable Detention and/or Storage Fees will apply for each time the carrier returns to effect delivery of the shipment.


Layover Charges

$350 per driver/per vehicle per night


Loading / Unloading

Actual loading / unloading costs + $5.00 per transaction will be reimbursed by Payor / Broker.  Carrier will provide copy of unloading receipt.



Payor / Broker and Carrier will each indemnify, defend and hold the other harmless from and against any liability, losses, damages, claims, judgments, fines, penalties, lawsuits, and expenses (“Costs”), resulting from personal injury, property damage (other than cargo), or violation of the law caused by their respective negligent or wanton acts or omissions. 


C.O.D. Shipments

A C.O.D. charge equal to 1% of the product C.O.D amount will be assessed to all shipments.  Payor / Broker shall supply or reimburse postage for receipt of C.O.D. payment for methods other than standard U.S. mail. Carrier’s liability will not exceed the total freight charges of the C.O.D shipment.  No additional charges for picking up check for freight charges. 


C.O.D. instructions must be in writing on Bill of Lading and Load Confirmation.



If carrier through no fault of its own, receives a fine or penalty for its trailer being over the legal weight limit, the Payor / Broker will reimburse the carrier 100% for any applicable fines.

If carrier is required to return to the shipper or other approved facility the have the load re-worked to legal specifications, Payor / Broker will be charged an amount of $1.50 per out-of-route mile plus applicable charges.


Released Value

Carrier will not be liable for losses in excess of $100,000.


Storage Fees

Trailer storage shall be billed in daily increments of $25.00 / day.

Customers who require drop and hook shall be billed for storage fees if trailers are not available for drop and hook after 48 hours.


Mileage Calculations

The governing mileage publication shall be PC*Miler practical (ver. 14 or higher).


Minimum Freight Charge

When no rates are published, a $350 minimum additional charge will be applicable


Equipment Ordered Not Used

If the carrier is not notified prior to equipment dispatch, Payor / Broker agrees to   

compensate the carrier a rate of $1.50/ mile from dispatch location to point of reposition; with a minimum of $350 additional charge.


Proof of Delivery

No charge for 1st copy, additional copies $25.00 each. 1st copy will be included with invoice.


Payment Terms

Payment will be due within 30 days of invoice date.  Payment for all invoices not received within 30 days will be subject to $25.00 monthly recurring late charge and interest of 1.5% per month or as allowed by state law. All collection fees and attorney fees incurred in the collection of past due freight charges shall be added to original freight charges.  Payor / Broker shall make payments without offsetting payments against outstanding claims or debts.


Freight Invoices can be delivered via electronic media as an alternative to postal mail and will be aged from the date of invoice in all delivery methods.


 Fuel Surcharge


In the event that the Department of Energy National Fuel Price should exceed $1.15/ gallon the following formula shall be used to calculate the fuel surcharge:


- Formula        (A)       DOE Self Service Diesel Fuel Price including Taxes each Monday (Tuesday will be used if Monday is a holiday)

(B)       Base Price of Fuel ($1.15 per gallon)

Average miles per gallon fuel consumption (5.0 miles per gallon)


(A minus B divided by C = Fuel Surcharge in cents per loaded mile, rounded to the nearest whole cent.


­  review (adjustments) will be made each Monday based upon the DOE Index posted that day, and will be applied on all shipments loaded after Monday until the next adjustment.  In the event of a holiday on Monday, the DOE Index for Tuesday will be used and will apply on all shipments loaded on or after that Tuesday.


­  application; for simplicity in application, the following table reflects the above formula:




Payor / Broker: ________________________


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